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CJKI Comprehensive Database of Chinese Personal Names



The CJKI Comprehensive Database of Chinese Personal Names is an extremely comprehensive database containing over 100 million Chinese personal names and their variants, including dialectical variants and multilingual coverage.

This new database consists of the following key components:

For each of these databases we can offer the following romanized variants:

  • Multilingual equivalents, including Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese
  • Mandarin variants
  • Cantonese variants
  • Other dialectical variants, such as Hakka and Hokkien

Taken together, the number of Chinese personal names and their variants in this resource is over 100 million entries.

Data Sample

A printable .pdf of the following sample is also available.

Language Category Variants
单Surname 业经
Given name
Given name
Full name
Full name
Chinese Simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese 业经 爱博 毛泽东 范冰冰
Toned Pinyin ài shàn yèjīng àibó máo zédōng fàn bīngbīng
Numbered Pinyin ai4 shan4 ye4-jing1ai4-bo2 mao2-ze2-dong1 fan4-bing1-bing1
Wade-Giles ai shan yehching aipo mao tsetung fan pingping
Yale System ai shan yejing aibwo mau dzedung fan bingbing
Tongyong ai shan yejing aibo mao zedong fan bingbing
Traditional Chinese Traditional Chinese 業經 愛博 毛澤東 范冰冰
Zhuyin ㄞˋ ㄕㄢˋ ㄧㄝˋ ㄐㄧㄥ ㄞˋㄅㄛˊ ㄇㄠˊ ㄗㄜˊ ㄉㄨㄥ ㄈㄢˋ ㄅㄧㄥ ㄅㄧㄥ
Dialects Cantonese            
LAU1 ngaai6 daan1 yip6-ging1 ngoi3-bok3 mo4-jaak6-dung1 faan6-bing1-bing1
LAU2 ngaai daan yipging ngoibok mojaakdung faanbingbing
YALE1 ngaai6 daan1 yip6-ging1 ngoi3-bok3 mou4-jaak6-dung1 faan6-bing1-bing1
YALE2 ngaai daan yipging ngoibok moujaakdung faanbingbing
JYUTPING1 ngaai6 daan1 jip6-ging1 ngoi3-bok3 mou4-zaak6-dung1 faan6-bing1-bing1
JYUTPING2 ngaai daan jipging ngoibok mouzaakdung faanbingbing
Others More dialects and variants available upon request
Hokkien gai sean yapkeng ai po moh ĝe dan huan bin bin
Hakka ngioi shan ngiapgin oibok mau cetdung fam benben
Japanese   Japanese 業経 愛博 毛沢東 範氷氷
  Hiragana あい だん ぎょうけい あいはく もうたくとう ふぁんびんびん
  Katakana アイ ダン ギョウケイ アイハク モウタクトウ ファンビンビン
Korean   Korean Hanja 業經 愛博 毛澤東 範氷氷
  Hanja reading 아이 예징 아이보 마오쩌둥 판빙빙
  Korean Hangul 업경 애박 모택동 범빙빙
  MOE ai san yejing aibo mao tchŏdung p'an bingbing
  NRS ai san yejing aibo mao jjeodung pan bingbing
  KLS ai san yejing aibo mao jjeodung pan bingbing
  ISO DPRK ai san yecing aipo mao cceotung phan pingping
  ISO ROK ai san yejing aibo mao jjeodung pan bingbing
Other Languages   Vietnamese ngải / nghệ đơn / đan Nghiệp Kinh ái bác mao trạch đông phạm băng băng
  English ai shan yejing aibo mao zedong fan bingbing
Legend MOE: Korean Ministry of Education Romanization
NRS: New Romanization System
KLS: Korean Language Society Romanization
ISO DPRK: Used in North Korea
ISO ROK: Used in South Korea
LAU: Sidney Lau