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Chinese Type and Valency Fields

Type Field Symbols

POS TYPE English Description Example
NC Px Name of a larger geographical unit 欧州
NC X Unclassified type  
NC Xa Name of an animal 雲豹
NC Xp Name of a plant 榕樹
NC Xs Name of a celestial body 天王星
NP p& Used in third position of type field to indicate abbreviation  
NP B Brand name, includes names of products, software, etc.
NP F Female given name 莎莉
NP G Given name 貝利
NP L Name of a literary work 史記
NP La Audio recording 視窗九五
NP Lb Book 水滸傳
NP Ld Daily publication 中國時報
NP Ll Law or treaty  
NP Lm Monthly publication 讀者文摘
NP Lp Periodical publication 時代周刊
NP Lq Quarterly publication  
NP Lw Weekly publication  
NP Lv Visual recording 絶地大反攻
NP Ly Yearly publication  
NP Lz Magazine 時尚
NP M Male given name 保羅
NP M:S Both a male given name and a surname  
NP N Person's name of unknown type -有巣氏
NP O Organization or company 聯合國安全理事會
NP O & Abbreviation of organization or company 奧委
NP Oc Commercial organization 柯達軟片公司
NP Oe Educational organization 中山大学
NP Or Religious organization 聖公會
NP Ot Temporary event, like conferences, sports events, etc. or political incident  
NP P Generic place name
NP P & Abbreviation of a place name  
NP Pc Name of a country 比利時
NP Pc& Abbreviation of a country
NP Pg Natural geographical feature 蒙古高原
NP Pm Man-made structure or facility 頤和園
NP Pp Populated place 伊蘭
NP Ps Capital city  
NP S Surname
NP U Proper name of unknown type  
NP W Full name of a person ("Whole") 平原君
NP Wf Full name of a female 王寶釧
NP Wm Full name of a male 呉剛
NP Y Famous name 愛因斯坦
NP Yf Famous name of a female 海倫凱特
NP Ym Famous name of male 科林頓
WP A1 Productive derivational prefix -- always bound
WP A2 Productive derivational prefix -- sometimes bound
WP B1 Historically productive derivational prefix -- always bound  
WP B2 Historically productive derivational prefix -- sometimes bound
WS A1 Productive derivational suffix -- always bound
WS A2 Productive derivational suffix -- sometimes bound
WS B1 Historically productive derivational suffix -- always bound  
WS B2 Historically productive derivational suffix -- sometimes bound

Binding Valency

Binding Valency English Description
0 Free form
1 Always bound
2 Sometimes bound

Type Symbols in WP and WS

Type Symbols English Description
A Productive affix in contemporary Chinese, especially when combined with two-character compounds (XY). Thus XY + SUFFIX (WS) or PREFIX (WP) + XY are likely, often highly likely,  to be derived lexemes.   Example:者 zhe3 'doer of an action'
B Productive affix historically but currently inactive or limited. Deriving compounds not in the lexicon is not safe, but perhaps it can be used as a last resort.  Example: 頭 'head' acting as limited noun suffix