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Multilingual Dictionary of Korean Proper Nouns

The CJK Dictionary Institute is engaged in the development and continuous expansion of a comprehensive lexical database for CJK languages consisting of approximately eight million entries (see CJK Lexical Resources for details). We are no w in the process of expanding our multilingual Korean proper noun databases, samples of which appear below. For information on our Korean Lexical Database, please see korword.htm. Of particular interest is our Multilingual Dictionary of Proper Nouns, which incudes Korean.

This data was compiled based on transcription and transliteration rules (go here for details), and supports Revised Romanization of Korean, the latest standard published by the Korean government in 2000.

The Japanese is a phonemic transcription that properly reflects phonological changes resulting from patchim and liaison; the MOE transliteration refers to a strict transliteration based on the Ministry of Education romanization system.

Sample of Korean Surnames
ID Hangul Hanja MOE
Japanese English
R00135 an アン An
R00273 제갈 諸葛 che-kal チェガル Chegal
R00201 趙, 曺 cho チョ Cho
R00206 周, 朱 chu チュ Chu
R00246 漢, 韓 han ハン Han
R00259 hwang ファン Hwang
R00183 林, 任 im イム Im
R00037 kim キム Kim
R00025 國, 菊, 鞠 kuk クック Kuk
R00038 na Na
R00044 盧, 魯, 路 no No
R00155 o O
R00081 房, 方, 邦, 龐 pang パン Pang
R00268 사공 司空 sa-kong サゴン Sagong
R00270 선우 鮮于 sŏn-u ソヌ Seonu
R00265 독고 獨孤 tok-ko トッコ Tokko
R00160 wang ワン Wang
R00138 梁, 楊, 樑, 襄 yang ヤン Yang
R00171 柳, 兪, 劉, 庾 yu Yu
R00176 yun ユン Yun
Sample of Korean Given Names
ID Hangul Hanja MOE
Japanese English
G32394 장철 長哲 chang-ch'ŏl チャンチョル Changcheol
G23222 지미 芝美 chi-mi チミ Chimi
G11238 지산 智山 chi-san チサン Chisan
G00041 정석 正錫 chŏng-sŏk チョンソック Cheongseok
G38491 해운 海雲 hae-un ヘウン Haeun
G02027 희경 喜慶 hŭi-kyŏng ヒギョン Huigyeong
G01117 희란 熙欄 hŭi-ran ヒラン Huiran
G01116 희도 嬉道 hŭi-to ヒド Huido
G37782 혜율 惠律 hye-yul ヘユル Hyeyul
G00156 금숙 金淑 kŭm-suk クムスック Keumsuk
G23663 계송 溪松 kye-song ケソン Kyesong
G00095 경인 慶仁 kyŏng-in キョンイン Kyeongin
G00284 말수 抹壽 mal-su マルス Malsu
G00067 평화 平和 p'yŏng-hwa ピョンファ Pyeonghwa
G35705 라산 羅山 ra-san ラサン Rasan
G23028 웅창 雄倉 ung-ch'ang ウンチャン Ungchang
G15360 여영 如榮 yŏ-yŏng ヨヨン Yeoyeong
G00013 연숙 蓮淑 yŏn-suk ヨンスック Yeonsuk
G00014 영선 永善 yŏng-sŏn ヨンソン Yeongseon
G38013 yun ユン Yun
Sample of Korean Place Names
ID Hangul Hanja MOE
Japanese English
P00057 가창면 佳昌面 ka-ch'ang-myŏn カチャン面 Kachang Township
P00028 가야1동 伽倻一洞 ka-ya-1-tong カヤ1洞 Kaya 1-Village
P00036 가양동 加陽洞 ka-yang-tong カヤン洞 Kayang Village
P00092 갈말읍 葛末邑 kal-mal-ŭp カルマル邑 Kalmal Town
P00133 강남구 江南區 kang-nam-ku カンナム区 Kangnam District
P00153 강원도 江原道 kang-wŏn-to カンウォン道 Kangwon Province
P00746 김해시 金海市 kim-hae-si キムヘ市 Kimhae City
P00207 거제시 巨濟市 kŏ-che-si コジェ市 Keoje City
P00697 금정구 金井區 kŭm-chŏng-ku クムジョン区 Keumjeong District
P00655 금기 琴綺 kŭm-ki クムギ Keumgi
P00402 관동1가 關東一街 kwan-tong-1-ka クヮンドン1街 Kwandong 1-Street
P00464 광주광역시 光州廣域市 kwang-chu-kwang-yŏk-si クヮンジュグヮンヨック市 Kwangju Metropolitan City
P00839 남제주군 南濟州郡 nam-che-chu-kun ナムジェジュ郡 Namjeju District
P00778 남가좌2동 南加左二洞 nam-ka-chwa-2-tong ナムガジュヮ2洞 Namgajwa 2-Village
P00816 남상 南上 nam-sang ナムサン Namsang
P00791 남대문로5가 南大門路五街 nam-tae-mun-ro-5-ka ナムデムンロ5街 Namdaemunro 5-Street
P01193 대전시 大田市 tae-chŏn-si テジョン市 Taejeon City
P01230 대현 大賢 tae-hyŏn テヒョン Taehyeon
P04132 원종1동 原宗一洞 wŏn-chong-1-tong ウォンジョン1洞 Wonjong 1-Village