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Database of Arabic Business Names


  • Arabic company and organization names
  • Romanized and/or English included
  • Continuously expanding

The Database of Arabic Business Names (DABNA) is a large-scale database of Arabic company and organization names and addresses in the Arabic script, along with their romanized and/or English equivalents, web frequencies, and other attributes. Company names play an important role in Arabic natural language processing applications including named entity extraction, machine translation, and morphological analysis, as well as in a variety of business intelligence applications and security applications such as watch list querying. To meet this need, DABNA is being continuously expanded and revised to ensure it is up-to-date by a team of editors trained in Arabic name processing and Arabic phonology.

Below are 10 companies located in Cairo. A larger sample is also available.

Data sample

Egyptian Business Names
مراد إسماعيل جلال Jalal Isma'il Murad القبه al-Qubbah 57 المامون الخليفه ش 57 Caliph al-Ma'mun St.
مصطفى شكرى أحمد Ahmad Shakri Mustafa الماظه Almaza 34 3شقه العروبه شارع 34 al-Orouba Street Flat 3
حرب طلعت مكتبه Tal'at Harb Bookshop الروضه Rhoda Island نفيسه السيده ش al-Sayyidah Nafisah St.
مول حرب طلعت Tal'at Harb Mall رمسيس Ramses 30 البلد وسط حرب طلعت ش 30 Tal'at Harb St. Downtown
هانى و أسامة Usamah and Hani الماظه Almaza 36 الجديده مصر النزهه ش 36 Nozha St. Heliopolis
شقرة أبو Abu-Shaqrah الروضه Rhoda Island 69 ا العينى لقصر شارع 69 al-Qasr al-'Ayni Street
الديكور و للاثاث ارش مون Moon Arch الدقى Dokki 50 الدقى الصيد نادى ش 50 Nadi al-Sayd St. Dokki
يوسف حسين Husayn Yusuf المعادى Maadi المعادى مول جراند Grand Mall Maadi
على و حسين Husayn and 'Ali الماظه Almaza 17 الجديده مصر بغداد ش 17 Baghdad St. Heliopolis
الغنيمى طلعت محمد شريف Sharif Muhammad Tal'at al-Ghanimi اللوق باب Bab al-Louq 32 الفلكى ش 32 al-Falaki St.