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Other Lexical Resources



  • Spanish Full Form Lexicon
    Our comprehensive monolingual Korean lexical database contains detailed grammatical and phonological attributes such as POS codes, conjugation patterns and verb transitivity, suitable for such applications as IMEs, MT systems and morphological analysis.


  • Vietnamese-Japanese Dictionary
    Contains over 28,000 Vietnamese entries.

  • Vietnamese-Japanese Dictionary of Example Sentences
    Approximately 45,000 Vietnamese example sentences.

  • Vietnamese Monolingual Corpus
    Covers one million words spread over 17 domains.

  • Vietnamese-English Dictionary
    Covers over 27,000 headwords, and includes example sentences, antonyms, synonyms, and more.

  • Vietnamese-English, English-Vietnamese Bilingual Corpus
    Contains approximately four million words and 106,000 sentences.

  • Database of Chinese Names in Vietnamese
    Covers 43,000 Chinese personal names, but can be expanded considerably.

  • Vietnamese Lexicon in IPA